Wallace Scott Collard Greens

Wallace Scott Collard Greens

Wallace Scott is an old, black, Texas gentleman that I unloaded trucks with at Walmart in Lake Jackson, Texas. He is a hell of a man and a good worker. He told me this recipe and I have used it in some variation several times with outstanding results. I have written the instructions down as best as I can remember them. If I have to tell you more than what is here, you probably don’t know how to cook and should let someone else do this for you….lol..J I looked online for a recipe similar to this but I couldn’t find anything close. They all used too much water and cooked them to death.


Git a pot and cook some meat with seasoning (onions and peppers if you like them) in the bottom of it so as that it is seared and done (your choice of meat such as will produce some grease when fried in the pot). Leave the grease in there to keep the greens from sticking but remove the meat and set it to the side on a dish or in a bowl.

Next, wash the leaves one at a time and take a few out of the water together, shake them gently so they still have water on them and lay them in the pot. Lay a little of the meat with some sprinkled seasoning you like on top of the few leaves in the pot. Repeat this until you have layered all the greens and meat you have into the pot. Remember to not shake the leaves too hard so as they still have some water on them.

Once you have the pot full, turn on a low heat so you don’t burn ‘em and put on a lid. Let them cook for a couple of hours after the steam gets up. The water you left on the leaves will make enough steam to cook the collards. Again, make sure you don’t shake all the water off before you put ‘em in the pot. Also don’t try to cook them too fast because they will burn.

Wallace also told me to use soda but I don’t remember how or why it was necessary. I never did use it and my collards made me happy. You might know what to do about that, I don’t.

My Preparation Tips:

I have picked a Walmart bag full of collards and they barley made half or less of a 5 quart pot. They cook way down when you do it this way.

Just make sure you have enough meat to make some grease in the bottom of the pot and any extra is all good.

Make sure you tear off any yellow and/or blackened parts of the leaves. That is nasty stuff.

Make sure you get all the sand and bugs washed off unless you like that stuff for protein and fiber. It won’t hunt you none.

As far as the stems I didn’t worry about them too much unless they were sticking out past the leaf or really thick like on the big ones. I pretty much tried to leave them whole unless the stem was really thick and the leaf wouldn’t lay in the pot. The stems will cook and you can eat them even if they ain’t purty.

My Cooking Tips:

Good cooking is like good loving, slower is almost always better.

Don’t use a cheap, thin bottomed pot for this. You will probably burn them unless you are real good.

I always use a metal egg turner at the beginning to check them for sticking a couple of times. If you are careful you can do this without disturbing the lay too much.

When the leaves on top are done to your liking, you can be sure the rest is too. You now have some fine eating. Cornbread would be an excellent addition to the meal. Enjoy.

Gunny Barton, Ret.

Which God Do I Believe In?

I was also asked this morning, “Which God do you believe in? There are so many, how do you know you have the right one?”

I have thought about if for a while and this answer has come to me. I believe in the one who has made Himself known unto me through revelation, with charity, knowledge and wisdom.

Gunny Barton, Ret.

Why??: Someone asked me this morning, “Why do you believe in God?”

Why??: Someone asked me this morning, “Why do you believe in God?”

This is the best answer I can give with God’s help.

I had no religious upbringing to speak of in my family. We went to church on Easter Sunday to wear our new suits and dresses. My Grand Parents listened to the Gospel radio station on Sundays. When I was taken to church by neighbors, on a few occasions outside of Easter, it was to a Protestant church. When they asked people to come forward and testify I always wondered why the spirit didn’t move me to do so. I wondered why God didn’t speak to me like He did to them. Once, neighbors took me and my sister to church and my parents were supposed to come pick us up. My Father got drunk and didn’t know, or forgot, so we walked home after everyone had left. It was several miles. To be fair, I think it was a miscommunication. I turned down several rides because I thought the parents were coming to get us. I had faith in them. I think we did finally catch a ride from some nice people who saw us walking by. I was around eight or nine at the time. I forgave my parents. I moved on and forgot about religion, the ride He provided, and the God who didn’t speak to me.

Around the age of fifteen, my friend (a little hellion in his own right, lol), took me to an LDS Church sponsored Scout meeting. I met missionaries and decided I wanted to investigate the Church. My Father agreed. I took the lessons and wanted to get baptized because it just felt right, for lack of a better expression. My Father said, “Hell no!” (Mostly because Baptist Preacher Bob told him if I did I was going to Hell, lol) I moved on and forgot about religion, the knowledge He provided, and the God who gave me a bigoted Father.

I did have a short interlude with several girls that wanted me to go to the First Baptist Church with them later lol. I was told that was the place to meet the good ones. But again, I moved on and forgot about religion, the good times He provided and a God who wouldn’t help me not be a dork and get a nice girlfriend.

Fast forward to the 60’s and after my return from Vietnam in 1969. I didn’t have much use for government, Christians, Tel-Evangelists, Revivals or any Religion. I began to feel like I needed to know about the subject in more depth though. I started studying all the latest 1960’s philosophical, religious and movement fads but nothing was ringing any bells. Finally I was back to God and Jesus. A former school friend who had become a 1960’s Jesus Freak told me one day that “God, loves you!” It rang true (for lack of a better phrase). I moved on and forgot about religion, being saved from injury or death in Vietnam, and a God who was so hard to talk to, even if he did love me.

Later, while I was reading about Edgar Cayce and his work, I got the notion that the true church, If it existed, was not on the Earth at that time. Around that time I also was reading the Old and New Testament a little. While reading the words of Jesus in red print, it again rang true. I felt that Jesus was who He said He was. I became excited about that and wanted to do something but didn’t know what. I felt that I didn’t have the authority or knowledge to do or say anything more than, “I believe!” I didn’t want to get hooked up with a bogus church either. I became depressed about the whole thing and finally prayed to God to lead me to the truth if He or it existed. I made the promise that if He would, I would do anything He wanted me to do. As usual, I moved on and forgot about religion, all the knowledge I had received, and a God who was so slow at answering prayers.

While I wasn’t paying attention, as usual, He did what I had asked Him to do. In April 1975, I reenlisted in the Marine Corps and went to California. I stayed drunk for awhile in my new “foreign legion“ environment. I actually considered the Legion until I read up on them. Either the Legion or mercenary work, would have been really dumb moves. On Christmas Eve 1975, drunk in a motel room, after I woke up on the ground under a tree, I met the Devil. Well, it was either him, or one of his minions. The angel of light told me, while maniacally laughing his ass off, “You are almost mine!” That, Scared the Hell out of me, literally. True story, believe it or not. That incident, I will never forget. I did however think it was time to get to know God whether it was hard or not.

After that, I went to the LDS Church with a Marine friend. It felt right, so I decided to investigate the Church again. I got my answer during one of the lessons and told the Missionaries that I wanted to be baptized. There was no one to stop me that time. True Story, Believe it or not. I apologized to God for not paying attention all those years and He forgave me because He knows how hard it is to be in this world. Since then He has blessed me with much knowledge and understanding as long as I am asking the right questions and paying attention.

The really hard part has been to keep the Promise I made when I was down at the bottom and praying for knowledge and help. God has not been a disappointment to me since. I have disappointed Him though on many occasions following that revelation. I know that I have also made Him very happy many times and I am thankful for those. I will endeavor to do better at learning what He wants me to do and get it done. He is a loving and patient Father. This I know without a doubt.

I also know He wanted me to write this on this morning for someone to read. I do not know who but that does not matter. If they are paying attention, they will get the message.

Gunny Barton, Ret.

By way of Introduction

This Blog will focus on discussing issues, solutions, and workable plans for implementation.  I look forward to working with others of like mind who are serious about solving the perceived and real problems facing America and the rest of the world.  There is no challange that life gives us that we cannot solve with patience, perseverance and teamwork.  Leave your agendas at home and get onboard for some energizing synergy.

Semper Fi,

GySgt. DD Barton, Ret.

“War Dog 6 Actual, over”